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Students to Showcase Applied Learning Experiences

By Felicia Krieg
March 2017

Eighteen students who gained grant funding for applied learning experiences will share their work, career plans and more at the SUNY Plattsburgh Applied Learning Showcase in April.

The event is set for Thursday, April 20 at 4 p.m. in the Cardinal Lounge, Angell College Center.

In applied learning experiences, students put into practice the skills and abilities they have developed both inside and outside the classroom, said Morgan Pellerin, a career counselor and Applied Learning Grant coordinator at the college’s Career Development Center.

The benefits go beyond that, though.

“Students who have received this grant have gained insight into the career paths they may not have considered before,” Pellerin said. “The experiences students have allows them to develop networking contacts, who in turn assist them in seeing what is possible for their future careers.”

Applied Learning Grants first became available in the fall of 2015 and are made possible by alumni gifts to the Plattsburgh College Foundation.

“The experiences students have allows them to develop networking contacts, who in turn assist them in seeing what is possible for their future careers.”

Grant recipient Mauricio Benitez ‘18, an international student from Honduras, is working this semester at Swarovski Lighting as a project management intern.

“It has been a great opportunity to see how a multinational corporation operates and to prepare for the professional world,” Benitez said of his experience. He is majoring in international business and business administration.

At Swarovski, Benitez is working on a hospitality business development project as well as market research. He has also helped with the translation and creation of documents for the company’s Latin American market.

After graduation, he plans to complete an internship internationally and then attend graduate school in Taiwan or Germany to experience a different culture and learn a new language.

Grant Can Help with Transportation Costs

The grant funds are helping both Benitez and junior anthropology and history major Jacquelyn Mead with transportation costs since they do not own vehicles themselves.

Mead, who is from South Windsor, Conn., is interning this semester at the Clinton County Historical Association and Museum. Her work has included organizing a series of children’s craft programs, creating a pamphlet on Plattsburgh’s historic homes and electronically cataloguing items donated to the organization so they can be considered for the museum’s collection.

“I hope that my internship at the Clinton County Historical Society will prove to be a jumping off point for more museum work in the future,” Mead said.

She secured an internship as an archeology intern at James Madison’s Montpelier, a historical plantation in Virginia that was the home of the family of the fourth president of the United States.

Mead said contacts she has made within the Clinton County Historical Association will help her stand out on applications when she seeks other opportunities in the future.

Funds Let Students Focus on Goals

Senior Cedric Baggett, an audio/radio production major from Watertown, N.Y., used his grant funding to attend the 75th National Broadcasting Society - Alpha Epsilon Rho Convention in March 2017 in New York City.

The grant assistance “gave me a comfortable amount of time to think and focus more on my goals and talking and networking with electronic media professionals who encouraged me to strive for the goals I want to reach,” Baggett said.

At the conference, Baggett attended panel discussions that gave tips for working in electronic media. He also sat in on a live taping of “The View” where he had the opportunity to ask the show’s cast questions about how new graduates can break into the industry.

Baggett plans to pursue a job at a radio station in Dallas, Los Angeles or New York City after he graduates in December 2017. He hopes to one day be a top radio host.

He encourages other students to apply for Applied Learning Grants so they too can have financial assistance to help defray costs associated with certain educational experiences.

Learn More

To be considered for an Applied Learning Grant for a summer 2017 experience, students must apply by April 7. Students can contact the Morgan Pellerin at (518) 564-2071 or for more information.

Those who wish to support the grant program, can contact the Plattsburgh College Foundation by making a gift online or by calling 1(800) 964-1889.


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