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Featured Course: Seminar in Professionalism

On the last day of class, students interview for jobs. With each other.

Inside Look: Business Students Build Skills for Career Success

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It starts with an introduction and handshakes — the key first impression — and a brief presentation. The interviewee outlines his or her background to three classmate interviewers and the professor (who assumes the role of president of the company). Next, interview questions. The student being interviewed remembers tips — maintain eye contact, sound confident and clear. Then the evaluation.

The real-time mock interviews that precede the final exam in Seminar in Professionalism give students a chance to show what they’ve learned and assess where they’re at. Students praise each other and offer constructive criticism. Together, they hone their professionalism.

What the Students Say

“We got a lot out of it in the two weeks.” — Jessica Rojas, junior.

“The course creates a sense of urgency. The focus is on what the ultimate goal is, getting a job, and off education. Better to test things here than in a real interview.” — Tommy Boland, senior.

Course Profile

Course: Seminar in Professionalism (BUS 388)
Professor: Kwangseek Choe, Ph.D.
Semester: Summer Session (May 26 – June 5, 2015)
Credits: 3
Program: Business Administration
Topics: Life management, career planning, diversity and multiculturalism, ethics, etiquette, conflict and negotiation, communication, cover letter and resume.

Catalogue Description

This course provides a context for business students to excel in their post-graduate careers by exploring six main areas:

  1. Ethics in Business;
  2. Managerial and Leadership Skills;
  3. Information Technology;
  4. Communications (written and oral);
  5. Internships; and
  6. Career Assessment. Students will develop competence and understanding in each of these areas with an emphasis on research writing and presentations, both individually and as part of a team.

By exploring the concept of "professionalism," students will gain insight and appreciation for the characteristics that constitute an effective business leader. This course provides students the opportunity to construct the framework for a career assessment plan where they define professional goals and identify their strengths and weaknesses through written and oral work.

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