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Rallying Forces: The Pep Band and Hard Hattians

By Timothy Maggio

If you hear a rowdy bunch screaming, “SUNY Plattsburgh! SUNY Plattsburgh! SUNY Plattsburgh!” until you can’t understand the words anymore, you will know you have run into the pep band crew.

Combine the band and its music with the Hard Hattians — students on a mission to provide spirit to all Cardinal sports — and fans say they know they will have an especially good time at the men’s hockey game.

The Hard Hattians like to chant, “We don’t mess around,” but the two groups most certainly do. For instance, when the visiting team is introduced, band members take out the latest issue of Cardinal Points and read, while the Hard Hattians scream, “Who cares?”

Hard Hattian Alex Howard likes the atmosphere that the pep band helps create.

“It really helps you get loud when you have a whole band behind you … It adds a bit of flavor to the game.”

Bob Emery, coach of the men’s hockey team, agrees.

“The fans get into it. The players get into it. You come to games to cheer on the home team and to get off your seat.”

Dave Grove, co-chair of the Hard Hattians, said the group strives to show the athletes appreciation.

“Just be yourself at the games and live life to the fullest, and you will fit in just fine in the Hard Hattians,” he said.

So, next time you come to the home game, grab the latest issue of Cardinal Points and head to the far left corner of the ice rink. There, you will find the pep band and the Hard Hattians showing their SUNY Plattsburgh pride.

Photo of Timothy MaggioTimothy Maggio is currently a senior at SUNY Plattsburgh pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in public relations with a minor in journalism. In addition to serving as an intern for the Office of Marketing and Communication, Timothy is a resident assistant in Moffitt Hall, president of college's student-run public relations firm and president of the college's Omicron Delta Kappa circle. He is also the recipient of the SUNY Chancellor Award for Student Excellence of 2013.


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