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Gallery: The Top 10 #PlattsLife Posts of '15-'16

The best way to understand the Plattsburgh Experience is to live it. The best way to share it is to snap a memorable photo and post it to social media with #PlattsLife.

A high number of creative and charismatic smart-phone-wielding visionaries made picking 10 photos a challenge. Here’s our best effort.

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Instagrammer: @chiixxn__

Photo by chiixxn

“Happiness isn’t about getting what you want all the time. It’s about loving what you have and being grateful for it #mylife #plattslife”

Instagrammer: @krissygirll14

Photo of tree in autumn by krissygirll14

“Autumn in the North Country #sunyplattsburgh #plattslife #autumn #northcountry #newyork #photography”

Instagrammer: @kellyybauer

Photo of SUNY Plattsburgh camnpus in winter by kellyybauer

“I think I’m the only person that’s actually excited about this snow #plattslife”

Instagrammer: @konradodh

Photo of campus skyline at dusk by konradodh

“Dusk over SUNY Plattsburgh, you can see the ACC near and the Adirondack mountains far on the horizon #plattslife”

Instagrammer: @williamhodge927

Photo of Hawkins Pond in the summer by williamhodge927

“Rocky Cast!!! #plattslife”

Instagrammer: @nkoktowski

Photo of bike set against sunset in Plattsburgh

“This is #plattslife”

Instagrammer: @lilyfarrell

Photo of Lake Champlain by lilyfarrell

“The view from the ferry going to Burlington #plattslife”

Instagrammer: @anelson9096

Photo of Adirondacks by anelson9096

“#tb to dominating Cascade and Porter with @sarahfunk_ and @kristenmoras #whencanwehikeagain #plattslife #cascade #porter #descending #ADK46”

Instagrammer: @wonderlandbyalice

“#alumniweekend2015 #bonfire #plattslife #paintmyfall”

Instagrammer: @missymouzakes

"Sunset at Hawkins pond tonight #plattslife #SUNYPlattsburgh"


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