CLEP (College Level Examination Program)


Frequently Asked Questions for CLEP

How do I prepare for a CLEP exam?

There are several resources to prepare for a CLEP exam. Please visit CLEP's Test Preparation webpage for links about purchasing study guides and question format for a CLEP test so you can become familiar with the platform.

How are the CLEP exams scored?

CLEP exams are scored on a 20–80 point scale. For most tests, the credit granting score recommended by the American Council on Education is 50, but there are exceptions for some tests and at some colleges. If you have questions, please visit the CLEP website at

How long is the test?

Exams are designed to completed in 90 minutes. Before the exam, there are approximately 5 minutes of tutorial/instructions for you to click through (not counted in your testing time) during which your test registration is confirmed online, and you learn other details about answering questions and score reports.

Which college composition exam do I take — College Composition? or College Composition Modular?

You must check with the institution to which you are applying CLEP credit to be sure. Most colleges accept College Composition, which includes an online essay. Occasionally an institution does require College Composition Modular — in which case there is a separate optional essay. Depending on what your institution requires, that essay may be provided to us by your institution (and scored by your institution) OR they may request that you take the essay provided by CLEP and scored by CLEP. Requests for the CLEP-provided essay must be made to us at least two weeks before your test; include a separate money order for $10 additional to SUNY Plattsburgh or choose the $75 option (reservation fee + essay if you pay online) that we use to buy the essay portion from CLEP.

Can I take two tests on one day?

Because of room availability limitations, the SUNY Plattsburgh test center allows one exam per test date. Rare exceptions may occur in the case of a visiting group, and only during the winter or summer break (when classes are not in session).

What if I have a disability?

Contact our SUNY Plattsburgh test administration staff, (518) 564-2080, to discuss and make arrangements for any accommodations. Zoom text is available. We can usually accommodate 1.5X, quiet room, and seat location. We only have the room reserved for three hours, all inclusive, ~once/month, so we are unable to provide 2x or separate location.

Will I find out if I passed immediately?

You will receive your printed candidate score report upon completion of the exam. If you have taken an exam with an essay, you will receive one combined score after the essay has been scored by CLEP, usually two to three weeks after your test date.

How long will it take for my school to receive my scores if I’m not taking an exam with an essay?

Your institution should receive the report of your scores within four to six weeks after you complete your exam. If a score report is not received in this time frame, please contact CLEP Customer Service (1-800-257-9558).

If I don't score high enough, when may I retake the test?

The College Board's policy is to allow for CLEP exams to be repeated after only a three-month waiting period if your first attempt was unsuccessful.

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