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Degree Completion Reviews

Degree Completion Review forms for the GE4 program are used along with Degree Works audit, transcripts, and the Undergraduate College Catalog to help with the logistics of tracking advisees' progress toward degree completion.

Copy these forms as deemed appropriate in your work with advisees. These are not official forms nor is their use required; however, advisors may find them a useful mechanism to document efforts on behalf of advisees who are approaching graduation and to reinforce the student's responsibility in completing their degree requirements.

Should advisors opt to use the degree completion review form, retain a copy for future reference should the need arise; or, depending upon time and opportunity to do so, give the student a copy a copy as a reminder or in order to have a shared understanding of what you discussed at your advising meeting.

Note: these documents require the latest version of Acrobat Reader, which is available as a free download.


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