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Academic Progress Review

You have two grade point averages (GPAs)

  • Each term, you have a semester GPA that reflects the average of grades you earned for only that given semester.
  • You also have what is called a cumulative GPA, which is the overall average for all grades you earned throughout your history at SUNY Plattsburgh.
  • For a first semester transfer or freshman, the semester and cumulative GPA will be the same.
  • Note: Grades earned at other institutions do not calculate into your Plattsburgh GPA.
  • Find Your GPA:
    • You have 24/7 access to track your semester and cumulative GPA.
    • From your MyPlattsburgh home page, Student Services tab, you’ll see links to “My Final Grades,” “My Transcript,” and “SUNY Degree Works Login."

What happens if my GPA falls below 2.0?

  • College policies require that all students maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 to remain in “good academic standing."
  • At the end of each fall and spring semester, our College conducts a review of all students’ academic records based on their cumulative GPAs.
  • If your cumulative GPA is below 2.0, you will fall under “academic progress review" and are subject to academic dismissal from the College.
  • This review is the college’s way of ensuring that students meet our minimum academic standards and make timely progress toward degree completion (i.e., graduating within four years).

You will be informed if you are under Academic Progress Review.

  • You will be able to see your grades on Banner within a week of the end of the fall and spring semesters.
  • The Registrar’s Office then spends a few days processing the completion of incomplete grades, recalculating GPAs based on repeat coursework, and rectifying other irregularities to ensure the accuracy of all academic records.
  • The college initiates Academic Progress Review as soon as the Registrar’s Office completes their end of term processing. IF you are under review, the Provost/Vice-president for Academic Affairs will send you a personal letter and email that you are under academic review. The academic progress review notices are sent to students via email (to only your Plattsburgh webmail account) and in hard copy to the home address you have listed on Banner.

If I’m under academic review, what do I do first?

  1. Academic review notices include a detailed letter about the academic review process and explicit guidelines on submitting written appeals or other specified statements. Since the academic review process might be a challenging time for you, we encourage you to read the letter and guidelines very carefully, and several times, so that you don’t miss an important piece of information or react hastily. You will find answers to most or all of your questions within the notice.
  2. Typically, you will be asked to submit an appeal to your dismissal that (a) explains any extenuating circumstances that factored into your low GPA and, as important, (b) the manner in which those circumstances have been resolved. Again, our letter and guidelines will spell out what you need for an appeal and the deadline by which the appeal is due.
  3. Take time to craft your appeal or required statement. Do not hastily respond to your notice without thoroughly proofreading your document before sending it. What you write, and how you write it, are both important. Misspelled words, poor grammar, and no capitalization (like “i” instead of “I") create a “text message” impression that will reflect poorly upon you. Consider asking friends or family members to read the appeal guidelines and your letter to ensure you have addressed everything adequately. There is a maximum 600-word limit for any appeal.
  4. The college will accept only written appeals (i.e., we do not consider face-to-face or phone appeals). As per the academic review guidelines, you may submit written documentation that substantiates an extenuating circumstance (e.g., unforeseen personal issue) or letter that supports your academic reinstatement (e.g., from a professor). You are responsible for furnishing any documentation you wish for us to read; please do not provide phone numbers for us to call or indicate support is available upon request.
  5. The Academic Progress Committee (APC) reviews every appeal and determines whether to afford a student the opportunity to return on academic probation or to academically dismiss the student from the College. All cases are afforded the same due process and consideration.
  6. You may submit your required materials through a variety of options: email to [email protected], send by US mail or FedEx, fax to 518-564-2079, or personally deliver to our office. However, please use ONLY ONE of those methods. Sending appeals or academic probation statements by multiple means slows our processing significantly.
  7. Monitor Your Email: Check your Plattsburgh email account for college notices about the outcome of your academic progress review. Ensure that you have not exceeded your disk quota (to keep email from being returned to sender).

Do I automatically get a second chance?

  • Reinstatement on Academic Probation is not a guarantee.
  • The APC very carefully reviews each appeal, and weighs all factors presented.
  • We do consider extenuating circumstances that mitigate a student’s academic performance, yet we give foremost consideration to two factors:
    • (1) your academic history at SUNY Plattsburgh, and
    • (2) the difference between your cumulative GPA and the required minimum 2.0 GPA.
  • As examples (far from exhaustive, however):
    • A student with one bad semester in a string of otherwise successful semesters is granted more leniency than a student with any history of academic probation at SUNY Plattsburgh or a student who has been here for multiple semesters and has inconsistently maintained a minimum 2.0 GPA.
    • A first-semester student with a GPA very close to a 2.0 may be granted more leniency than a first-semester student whose GPA is far from a 2.0.
    • Note: These are general rules that guide the committee’s decision making; other factors such as support letters, your citizenship record (i.e., campus judicial record), courseload, etc., are weighed in dismissal or reinstatement decisions.

What if I’m taking summer or winter session classes?

  • If you are enrolled in summer courses following spring semester, or winter courses following fall semester, in order to raise your GPA, you may remain in them regardless of the outcome of the review.
  • The Academic Progress Review, however, is based upon your cumulative GPA at the end of the spring and fall semester. Taking summer/winter courses is a privilege, and we do not delay dismissal or reinstatement decisions until summer/winter course grades are finalized.
  • Likewise, we do not consider your number of summer/winter credits as a grounds for appeal or a guaranteed GPA boost. Stating you are taking a summer/winter course will not help your argument or sway the committee.
  • IF you are dismissed, and your summer/winter grades earned (as a non-matriculated student) happen to raise your cumulative GPA above a 2.0, you may subsequently ask for special permission to continue as a non-matriculated part-time (11 or fewer credits) student for the forthcoming semester. At the conclusion of that full semester, you may apply for readmission if your cumulative GPA remains at least 2.0.
  • Readmission is not guaranteed and is at the sole discretion of the Admissions Office; the Academic Advising Office does not make readmission determinations. Please read SUNY Plattsburgh’s readmission guidelines for application/forms, deadlines, and requirements.

When are decisions made? When will I know?

  • The Academic Progress Committee meets and makes decisions on all cases at the same occasion, so there is no need for you to phone during the process to ask for updates on your case.
  • All decisions will be made and communicated to you by Plattsburgh email approximately 9 days after the appeal due date listed in your letter. You may also phone our office about the decision on or after the day listed in your letter.
  • All decisions are final and are not subject to additional review or appeal. We do not re-hear appeals via phone, visit, or email.
  • If you do appeal an academic dismissal, we recommend that you not wait for the results of your appeal before exploring other educational options for the next semester. It is always good measure to have a “plan B” in the event you are not reinstated at SUNY Plattsburgh.
    • One option might be to contact your local community college and ask about their admission requirements and deadlines.
    • Note: Other information about Plattsburgh summer/winter session enrollment, instructions on readmission application to Plattsburgh, guidelines for repeating coursework, and financial aid/housing implications of dismissal are addressed in the academic review correspondence we send to you.

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