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Minor in Archaeology

Archaeology Minor (21 credits)

The 21 credit archaeology minor is multi-disciplinary, and includes several anthropology courses and a variety of courses selected from allied fields.

The minor is designed to give students a broad knowledge of prehistory and history of ancient world cultures and how we study them. It includes several classes that are intended to give students hands-on opportunities to learn about archaeological methods, as well as a diverse theoretical perspective that will allow them to be successful if they go on to pursue archaeology professionally or in graduate school. Students regularly participate in actual archaeological research both in the laboratory and in the field.

Students excavating at a historic cemetery site in Clinton CountyProgram Requirements


Contact Information

For further information about the archaeology minor, please contact

Dr. Gillian Crane-Kramer
Office: Redcay Hall 125
Phone: (518) 564-5049
Email: [email protected]