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Photo of Sense and Sensibility
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Sense and Sensibility

Archival Inkjet Print, 13 x 19", framed size 16x20"

This is a print from a body of work called Between Soft Machines and Hard Science. This work investigates the intersection of various scientific disciplines with representations of humankind. I look at the physicality of the body and mind, as well as manifestations of the ineffable and mysterious. Energy, in the body, in the earth as well as in the air, is also made visible through charts and diagrams in much of my work. The works often show anthropomorphic machines as energy generators or mechanized stand-ins for humanity. Though their authoritative and didactic format is often that of classic textbook illustrations, my works make no pretence of being explications of rational theories of mind and body or energy conservation and distribution. They are simply visual meditations that bring sometimes debased and debunked theories of both modern and archaic science into conjunction with various other images of our mortal existence to encourage a new look at our assumptions about science and a materialist representation of reality.

Tools and Techniques

All of the prints were constructed in Photoshop from diverse source materials that range from 19th century texts on physiognomy, phrenology and geology to contemporary medical imaging scans from MRIs. The use of digital montage has become my primary medium for art making, though I sometimes use old cut-and-paste methodology along with traditional drawing and painting tools. The beauty of the digital medium for me is that it can become just another tool in my art kit. The digital medium does not necessarily replace traditional media, it just augments them.