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Archival Inkjet Print, 13" x 19"

This print is from a series of archival inkjet prints called The Progress Report. The images examine the false promises of science and technology. These are digital montages of recombinant images from the past. I try in these images to invoke the absurdity of the notion of linear progress toward goals of expanded health, happiness and security that technology promises. Concepts of obsolescence, hybridity and branding figure heavily in many of these works and in them, a sense of pervasive horror is only partially concealed by deadpan humor.

Tools and Techniques

All of the prints were constructed in Photoshop from diverse source materials that range from Diderot's Encyclopedia to outmoded school science texts. Old Life magazines, architecture books, anthologies of bizarre devices and numerous other books provide further material for creating combinations that invite new interpretation and analysis. The use of digital montage has become my primary medium for art making, though I sometimes use old cut-and-paste methodology along with traditional drawing and painting tools. The beauty of the digital medium for me is that it can become just another tool in my art kit. It does not necessarily replace traditional media, it just augments them.