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Portrait of Ethan Bicskei

Since that first semester I spent in the darkroom, I haven’t stopped making photos. My professors encouraged and pushed me technically and intellectually at every step.

Concentration in Photography

Refine Your Expressive Capabilities with Hands-On Experience

The photography program at SUNY Plattsburgh offers students the complete spectrum of hands-on creative experience from the introductory to the advanced level. Emphasis is on students' development of their individual expressive capabilities.

A forum for the exchange of ideas and evaluation is provided in group and individual critique sessions. Students are also taught the essentials of portfolio production and presentation. The history of photography as well as critical issues within the medium and the aesthetic concerns of current practitioners of the art are integral aspects of course study.

Photography Facilities

There is a photography critique classroom, a general-purpose workroom, a lighting studio, a large group darkroom, and two advanced darkrooms. Advanced courses include digital imaging and the view camera.

ART 211: Introduction to Photography

ART 211 is a study of black and white photography. Students are required to provide their own 35mm, single lens reflex camera that can be set on “manual.”


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If you would like more information about art at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

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Kimberly Hall-Stone, Secretary
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