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Portrait of Kathleen O'Connell

“When I began to study printmaking I didn’t know anything about it. I remember watching a lithography student process and print off of a flat stone and I thought it was the most bizarre and magical thing ever seen.”

Concentration in Printmaking

Master Your Skills in a Cooperative Environment

Printmaking is a process-oriented medium that involves drawing on or carving into one material, usually wood, stone or metal, and then transferring that image onto another material, usually paper. The SUNY Plattsburgh printmaking program cultivates a balance between process and concept in a cooperative workshop environment.

Students explore a variety of printmaking media including intaglio, lithography, relief, letterpress, and creative bookmaking. Both unique prints and multiples are produced. While engaging in the practical study of printmaking techniques, students also look at the history of the discipline and discuss related critical issues in contemporary art.

The print shop is very much a working and social community, with a wonderful spirit of cooperation. It is a place where students are taught to master basic technical skills and then encouraged to pursue their own aesthetic path. Students often work collaboratively, producing shared works of art in the form of books or portfolios.

Printmaking Facilities

The printmaking facility consists of a well-lit and ventilated studio equipped with three etching and two lithography presses. There are thirty or more lithographic stones varying in size and color, and a good selection of rollers and brayers. Additionally, there is a small letterpress shop and a book-binding room equipped with foundry type, a book press and other bookbinding tools.


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