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Your Four Years (B.F.A. and B.A. Studio Art)

Foundations: Your Freshman Year

The foundation year is identical for Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) students. In these courses, you will develop the solid foundation on which all your later art courses will be built. That foundation consists of perceptual and mark-making skills, conceptual skills, experience in two-and three-dimension, acquisition of vocabulary of the discipline and knowledge of great artists and art monuments of the western world.

Your major in art begins with a year of work in foundations.

The foundations courses consist of to be taken
ART 102 Introductory Art Symposium: New Majors fall, freshman
ART 104 Basic Design:2-D fall, freshman
ART 139 History of Western Art II: Renaissance to Present spring, freshman
ART 161 Introduction to Drawing fall, freshman
ART 137 History of Western Art I: Prehistoric to Medieval fall, sophomore
ART 231 3-D Design/Introduction to Sculpture spring, freshman
ART 262 Drawing II spring, freshman

It is a requirement that you take these courses, as listed above. Failure to take these courses in the first three semesters may mean you will not graduate on time, for the foundation courses are often scheduled at the same time as upper-level required courses.

Breadth Courses: Your Sophomore Year

In your sophomore year, you will explore introductory-level courses in areas such as printmaking, photography, painting, ceramics, computer graphics and graphic design. Two areas are required for the B.A., and five areas are required for the B.F.A.

Concentration: Your Junior and Senior Years

Eventually, you will declare a concentration. In considering a concentration, you should consult both your advisor and faculty in the concentration area. The concentration can be in any of our studio areas; note that the concentration in sculpture begins with Sculpture I (B.A.) or Sculpture II (B.F.A.), the Graphic Design concentration begins after the basic design course, and the drawing concentration begins with Drawing III.

The B.A. concentration is at least 9 credits, the B.F.A. concentration is at least 18 credits. The B.A. concentration includes introductory courses, while the B.F.A. concentration does not (please refer to the College Catalog for further clarification.)

The B.F.A. concentration cannot be selected before the end of your sophomore year. The B.F.A. concentration requires faculty approval. Approval must be obtained no later than the junior-level review, for three semesters of study are required after approval. The approval must be renewed each semester.

Junior-level Portfolio Review: ART 397

All studio art majors will present their work to the entire art faculty, early in the spring of their junior year. This review will provide the student and the art faculty an opportunity to assess individual growth. See your advisor in the fall of your junior year for details on this review.

Senior Art Exhibition

A high point of each year is the spring semester Senior Art Exhibition in the Burke Gallery. Qualified senior art majors have the opportunity to participate in this exhibition, which is the capstone of their years at SUNY Plattsburgh. The Senior Art Exhibition is required for B.F.A. students. Participation in the exhibition is encouraged for B.A. majors. To participate, you must register for ART 472 (Studies in Museum Work and Exhibitions) in the fall of your senior year. In the first week of that class, you will present your work to the art faculty for review. The faculty assessment will determine which media you are ready to exhibit. You may be asked to complete additional studies in order to exhibit. Qualified students then register for ART 473 (Senior Exhibitions) in the spring of their senior year.

You are required to take 42 credits in upper-division (300/400-level) courses.


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If you would like more information about art at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

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