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Careers in Biological Sciences

A Field With Many Options

Plattsburgh State is a first rate liberal arts college that provides students not only with the breadth of a liberal arts degree but with a solid foundation in the biological sciences and cognate subjects. Because our degree programs require students to study a diverse array of topics, all of our graduates, whatever the biology degree they choose (biology (B.A. or B.S.), biology education (B.A./M.S.T) biochemistry, medical technology or cytotechnology) can be assured that they will be well prepared to continue their education or enter the job market.

Many graduates of the Department of Biological Sciences continue to graduate school to pursue careers in the health sciences (e.g. in medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, optometry and pharmacy) or for further study in other disciplines in biology (e.g. molecular biology). However, there are many other opportunities available to students with a biology degree. Recent graduates of the department have pursued careers in forensics, medical technology and conservation biology, for example.

Students with biology degrees also can pursue careers in education teaching at the high school and college level or follow any of a surprisingly diverse array of other less obvious career tracks. These include careers in both state and federal government agencies (e.g. state health departments, fish and wildlife, customs and border patrol, and agriculture) as well as in the rapidly growing fields of bioinformatics, biotechnology and molecular biology.

SUNY Plattsburgh Career Development Center

Our Career Development Center provides services, resources, and programs designed to help students and alumni to better understand the career development process, and to enhance their professional preparation and employability.

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