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Major in Biology

Our Biology Majors

  • Study a broad range of subjects in biological sciences with professors who value and take pride in their teaching.
  • Explore the frontiers of biology through undergraduate research.
  • Gain valuable experience doing real science by carrying out undergraduate research.
  • Advance into top graduate programs.
  • Gain valuable skills for immediate entry into the job market with majors in medical technology, cytotechnology and biology education.
  • Succeed in applying to medical, veterinary, pharmacy, or dental school.

Bachelor’s in Biology (B.S./B.A.)  (120 credits)

Biology is a rapidly advancing field and we will prepare you to adapt to the continual shifts in new technologies and challenges to our health and planet. The biology major prepares you with a rigorous liberal arts education and a strong base in all major disciplines within biology. You will study subjects including genetics, biochemistry, physiology, microbiology and ecology. The biology degree provides excellent training for anyone planning on a career in the health sciences or seeking to go on to other post-graduate education.

If you are planning on a career in the health sciences, we offer dedicated pre-health advisement on the best strategies for making the strongest applications to medical school. We will prepare you to succeed in other types of post-graduate programs as well.

Health-Related Professions with a Future

If you enjoy biology, chemistry, and laboratory work and are looking for a challenging career with excellent job opportunities then the medical-technology or cytotechnology programs may be for you. Most of our graduates have multiple job offers by the time they complete their clinical internship. For more information please visit the med-tech/cytotech program pages.

Dedication to teaching and providing hands on experience

Biology should not be learned just from books or staring at screens, but also from real life experience in the lab and field interacting with living systems. Most of our required core classes have associated laboratories (check out our laboratory facilities here) reflecting our department’s commitment to providing you the highest quality practical training and active learning.

We offer many opportunities for you to engage in your own undergraduate research and to find internships that will give you an edge entering the job market. In addition, every other year we offer our flagship research course (Bio 490) a full time 12-credit immersive research experience in cellular biochemistry where you will learn to read the scientific literature, carry out a research project, and present your results at a scientific meeting.

Program Requirements

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

If you would like more information about biological sciences at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

Dr. Neil Buckley, Chair
Office: Hudson Hall 337
Phone: (518) 564-3155
Email: [email protected]