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Registration Advisement

Registration occurs at least 2 times each academic year, once in the fall for spring classes, and once in the spring for summer and fall classes. This is also a good time to check your program of study, general education requirements, and graduation requirements with your advisor. This will be key to keeping on track toward degree completion and academic success. All registration and schedule adjustment is done online at SUNY Plattsburgh. You will need to become very familiar with Banner Web.

Join a School of Business and Economics Club or Honor Society

Your education is enhanced by what you put into it. Joining one or more of our SBE student clubs and honor societies is very important to your future. Think of this as a resume building experience.

Internships and Careers

SBE is fortunate enough to have it’s own Office for Career Opportunities & Internships in Redcay 116. This office will assist in helping you find, apply for, and complete an internship.

An internship is not required but very strongly encouraged as an integral part of your study at Plattsburgh. Usually an internship is considered after you have completed your sophomore year.

Many students do an internship during the summer, but it is also possible during the regular academic year if you are ahead in your studies or you are doing an internship in the Plattsburgh area. You and your advisor may select an internship in your area of interest from our list of available internships.

Think of this as a resume building experience. An internship is also a good way to find out what you do or do not want for your future.

Study Abroad

Study abroad is not required of SBE students, but again is a significant contributor to your future success. There are many opportunities available to SBE students in Europe, Australia, Canada, and Mexico. Global education and understanding is so very important to the success of today’s business managers and leaders. Think of this as a resume building experience.

Questions or Concerns

Questions or concerns about advising, registration, transfer credit, degree completion and or academic policies and procedures can be directed to:

Dr. Robert Christopherson, Interim Associate Dean
Office: Au Sable Hall 203
Phone: (518) 564-4195

SUNY Plattsburgh
School of Business & Economics