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Teresa Nardelli-Goodsell, Class of 1994

Teresa Nardelli-Goodsell was a Canadian studies major and graduated in 1994. She now works in Waltham, Mass. at Tanager Financial Services Inc. as an assistant Vice President of Operations and Human Resources.“I am fortunate to be able to relate many of my experiences in my career to the training and feedback I got from my professors at SUNY Plattsburgh.”

Canadian Studies Taught Me the Skills I Needed to Excel in My Career

"Being a member of the Canadian studies program at SUNY Plattsburgh taught me the diverse skills I needed to attain this spot in the career world. I work on a daily basis with people not only from the United States but many other nationalities and cultures. I truly appreciate and respect our world and the many opportunities within it.

“While in the Canadian studies program I had the amazing opportunity of working with Dr. Jeanne Kissner. I loved and respected this woman and to this day model much of the work I do with my staff on the experience I had working at the Center for the Study of Canada with her. I was an intern at the center working for Dr. Kissner, Linda Bouvier, and Mr. Greg James.”

My Internship and Studying Abroad Were Valuable Experiences

“Because of my experiences at the Center for the Study of Canada, I left SUNY Plattsburgh and moved on to teach French for two years locally in Plattsburgh. After that I spent time in Burlington, Vermont, for 5 years as an business manager for an international financial services firm. We had investors from the U.S., Canada, Mexico (my NAFTA background and economic knowledge was impressive to them — I thank Dr. Gandhi for that!) and I was able to speak French (which I learned fluently while studying at L’Universite du Quebec a Chicoutimi) and Italian (my first language) on a weekly basis.

“I started this job (at Tanager) in 2000 and love what I do!!! I am fortunate to be able to relate many of my experiences in my career to the training and feedback I got from my professors at SUNY Plattsburgh. I still keep in touch with Dr. Richard Robbins and from time-to-time I see some of my other colleagues from the Center for the Study of Canada.”

Rene Couture, Class of 2004

This Program Gave Me an Insight into My Canadian Ancestry

“This new art form, Inuit art, is now one of my greatest passions and I hope to pursue it in the future for my master’s degree.”

“I took the Canadian Studies Art class because I am an art history major and have a Canadian background. My grandfather is French Canadian and I thought that this would give me more insight into the Canadian culture. The class was surprisingly interesting, focusing on Inuit Art.”

The Canadian Studies Staff is Absolutely Wonderful

“Jacqueline Stoneberger was a wonderful help to me. She was always willing to give up her time during her busy schedule to help me find an internship. She also helped me with finding a scholarship through Canadian Studies, which I received from the Richard Beach foundation.

“The Canadian studies program is wonderful for this area. I think that all students that live here or go to school here should participate in this program. It is very enriching and gives the students an insight into part of the North Country’s culture. Being so close to the border, I think that the students need to know what is out there besides the United States.”

Mary Beth Warner, Class of 1990

Mary Beth Warner is a 1990 graduate in the program and is Senior Manager of Employee Development for Reliant Pharmaceuticals.

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James Jordan, Class of 1997

Jim Jordan is a 1997 graduate of the Canadian Studies program. He works in the New York State Legislature for Senator Balboni.

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