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Internship Opportunities

You Can Choose Your Internship Sites

Graduate students at SUNY Plattsburgh are expected to complete clinical practicum hours at two sites, the Speech and Hearing Center and an additional off-campus site. Students select off-campus internship sites with faculty guidance and must obtain departmental approval. There is great flexibility in choosing an off-campus internship site, in terms both of location and of type of facility. This allows you to tailor your practicum experiences to best meet your professional goals and interests.

You Have a Lot to Choose From

Internships can take place at a wide variety of facilities, including hospitals, public schools, private schools, rehabilitation centers, private practices, United Cerebral Palsy Associations, and early intervention sites. Students who are sure of their interests, can begin to specialize by choosing a site that deals specifically with their interest area. For students who are not clear about their future objectives the internship provides an excellent opportunity to explore a variety of areas. We are more than willing to accommodate you if you want to work in several external sites.

The center currently has affiliation agreements with over sixty facilities to allow us to place students with them. Many of our students choose to complete their internships in the area around Plattsburgh. We have close relationships with numerous local supervisors who welcome our students on a regular basis.

Recent CSD Student Internship Locations

Public Schools

  • Beekmantown Central School, Beekmantown, NY
  • Champlain Valley Educational Services (BOCES), Plattsburgh, NY
  • New Meadow Saratoga School, Malta, NY
  • Peru Central School, Peru, NY
  • Plattsburgh City Schools, Plattsburgh, NY


  • Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital, Plattsburgh, NY
  • Glens Falls Hospital, Glens Falls, NY

Community Service Centers and Clinics

  • Clinton County Advocacy and Resource Center, Plattsburgh, NY
  • Hudson Valley Cerebral Palsy Association, Patterson, NY
  • Millennium Speech Pathology, Huntington Station, NY
  • Speech Reading and Improvement Center, Troy, NY
  • Tellit-Dire, Montreal, Quebec

Our Students are Excited About their Internship Experiences

“Working with and evaluating patients with dysphagia has helped me apply what I have learned in class and has helped me develop a greater understanding of the evaluation and treatment of dysphagic patients. Having the opportunity to participate and observe in the videofluoroscopy of patients has been such a terrific learning experience and will be a great benefit to me in the future.”

“Both my supervisor and other professionals made me feel welcome and valued... I enjoyed the variety of the caseload and the fast pace of the school day. I quickly learned the importance of classroom management and providing structure for students.”

“My supervisor's style is laid back with constant positive and constructive feedback. She is very helpful when I am stuck on how to word a report, progress in therapy, etc. There is no pressure to be 100% correct all the time. It is a conducive learning experience and in just these 3 weeks, I would feel extremely comfortable working in a nursing home setting.”

“I liked working with the nursery school population and treating severely impaired and special needs children. Until this experience, I had not considered working with this population. However, I found it very rewarding as well as fun.”

“I have learned that I have a lot more skills than I thought I had. Everything that I have learned over the past few years tied together to make sense during this experience.”

Our Off-campus Supervisors Appreciate our Well-prepared Students

“I have welcomed [the student]'s knowledge of current educational and research findings, which she has brought with her into this setting and used to supplement her work with children.”

“Your students appear to be very prepared academically.”

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

If you would like more information about communication sciences and disorders at SUNY Plattsburgh please contact:

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