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Computer Science Programs at SUNY Plattsburgh

Prepare for a Career or a Graduate School

Our programs blend theory and practice and are designed to prepare graduates for working as computer science or information technology professionals at entry level positions or for continuing education at a graduate level.

The Department of Computer Science offers separate programs of study in computer science, information technology, and robotics.

Computer science (CS) emphasizes the theoretical and technical foundations of the computing discipline. Here you will study the inventions of the physical components of electronic technology that make computers and networks like the Internet possible. You will also study the logical and mathematical structures that support these inventions. These include the study of algorithms, programming languages and the theory of computation. Logic and mathematics are the skills that are most essential for this program of study. Also central to this major is the development of sound programming skills.

Information technology (IT) emphasizes combining existing software and hardware technologies to solve a problem. The Internet is an essential component of most all such technologies. Students in this major will develop communication skills as working in teams is an essential aspect of the IT profession. Also important are systematic problem solving skills. Courses in this major will involve group work where students work on projects as a team.

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Please contact us with any questions about computer science or information technology programs, course transfers, internships, etc.

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