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Photo of two students discussion an assignment with Dr, Delbert Hart

Major in Information Technology

Given a question, any question, can we make a computer system that will answer it? Will the system be easy to use and available anywhere for its intended users? Will it be secure? Information technology attempts to answer these questions affirmatively. The “question” might come from the domain of business or biology or journalism. Indeed all professions today are looking to use computing technologies in innovative ways.

The focus here is using what already has been built by interconnecting software components so they do something new. An IT professional will know some programming, be able to make use of operating systems’ resources, control communication between hosts over the Internet, access and store data on servers using database technologies, and build intuitive graphical interfaces.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) or Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Information Technology (120 credits)

Learning by Doing

The capstone courses are Software Engineering I and II where students work together to design, create and test a significant software system.

Social Impact

Computing technologies are ubiquitous. Not since the invention of the printing press has the world seen such a revolution in the way information can be used and disseminated. The social impact has been astounding. As responsible professionals we want to understand the impact our work has had and will continue to have on culture, work and politics.

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