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Internships provide valuable work experience prior to graduation and allow students to establish future employment contacts. The internship program is an opportunity for you to gain practical experience and technical skills in an area of computing that interests you. Our student interns typically work in the same roles as they would after graduation, but other types of work can be submitted for approval as well.

Internship Areas

  • Software Development/Computer Programmer
    • System programmer
    • Network programmer
    • Web programmer
    • Graphic user interface programmer
  • Computer hardware technician
  • Administrator
    • System administrator
    • Network administrator
    • Database administrator
    • Web-server administrator

Some on-campus internships are available at our department, others at Computing Systems and Desktop Support or Computer Information Systems Department. Off-campus internships are offered by many companies and government agencies. See Dr. Delbert Hart in our department to get started. If you are interested in off campus internships consult also Career Development Center. Persons on a student visa should consult with the International Student Services about participating in an off-campus internship.

It is essential to plan and prepare early in your college career for the kind of experience you desire. Contact the Career Development Center and Dr. Hart to learn about knowledge and skills which can be useful.

Internships are limited to students at the junior and senior level. The internship proposal form must be approved by the Computer Science Department and students must be registered for CSC498 before starting the internship. The number of credits awarded is 1-15 and is determined, based upon the experiences to be included; The campus policy requires at least 45 hours of effort per credit.

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For more information about computer science and information technology programs at SUNY Plattsburgh please contact

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