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Minor in Economics

Our Economics Minor Allows You To:

  • Augment your business major. Students studying business are required to take at least four economics courses and can easily acquire an economics minor by taking 2–3 additional courses.
  • Augment your non-business major. Students obtaining majors in other areas can also acquire the economics minor by using their free electives to meet the 18-hour requirement for the minor.

Economics Minor (18 credits)

A minor in economics can open your eyes to global and national economic issues and understanding. What better complement to a major in environmental studies and planning or urban planning, not to mention political science or the study of international studies and business?

The economics program offers an 18 credit hour minor for students majoring in disciplines other than economics. This minor provides students with an understanding of basic economic theory and applied economic analysis. Many accounting, marketing and management students elect this minor to augment their major.

Program Requirements

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If you would like more information about the economics and finance program at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact

Dr. Robert Christopherson, Department Chair
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Phone: (518) 564-4195
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