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Teacher Leadership Graduate Certificate

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Educational leadership certificate information.

Become a Leader in Classroom Instruction

Gain the 21st century knowledge and skills necessary to work with school administrators and lead instructional improvement in schools across New York State and the nation.

  • Choose how you study:
    • 100% online
    • 50% online full-time or part-time in Queensbury
  • Convenient hours: Courses are offered in the afternoon and evening so you may continue working as a substitute or full-time teacher
  • Learn from experienced faculty, mentors, and teacher leaders
  • Be eligible for a promotion in your school district
  • Apply the credits from this program to the C.A.S. in Education Leadership

Note: This advanced certificate program does not lead to teacher certification.

Graduate Certificate in Teacher Leadership (12 credits)

The teacher leadership graduate certificate program meets New York State Education Department’s guidelines for educational leaders, Model Teacher Leader Standards, Interstate Standards of the School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC), Teacher Education Accreditation Council Standards (TEAC), and the International Society for Technology in Education Standards (ISTE).

Cornerstone Projects

Four job-embedded cornerstone projects that are linked to required coursework: assessment of teaching and learning using student assessment data; annual professional performance review project; professional development curriculum project; and sytems change and professional learning communities project.

The projects are directly linked to your coursework. The first project, assessment of teaching and learning using student assessment data, is linked to EDA5020 — Student Assessment. The second cornerstone, professional development curriculum project, is linked to EDA5030 — Curriculum. The third cornerstone, annual professional performance review project, is linked to EDA5040 — Teaching and Learning: Professional Standards, and the fourth cornerstone, systems change and professional learning communities project, is aligned with EDA5050 — Organizations and Change.

Learn from Experienced Mentors

Students are enrolled as members of a cohort. Each student has a mentor — an experienced school administrator or teacher leader who signs a contract agreeing to the requirements which comprise the program. Students are expected to maintain a log of experiences during the program, documenting ability in the required competencies.

Transfer Credits to the Education Leadership Program

If you would like to pursue the C.A.S. in Education Leadership, which would qualify you for School Building Leader (SBL) and School District Leader (SDL) certifications, you may apply to the education leadership program during your last semester of study. The 12 credit hours in the teacher leadership program can be transferred into the education leadership program as long as all conditions are met.

Admission Requirements

The teacher leadership graduate certificate programs (online or at our branch campus) have rolling admissions and accepts applications at any time for spring, summer, or fall matriculation. It is advisable to submit a completed application at least 6 weeks prior to the semester you wish to start the program.

The following items are required for admission:

Program Requirements

Please note: Students enrolled in this graduate certificate program are not eligible to receive federal aid.

Continuing from Teacher Leadership to the SBL Program

Current teacher leadership students who would like to be considered for continuation into the school building leader program have a simplified admission process. Only the following items are required to complete your continuation application:

Continuation applications are evaluated for admission in the same manner as regular applications. You will receive a decision notification after the department's review.

Note: Admission deposits for continuing students are waived and there is no new application fee.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

For information about educational leadership at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact

Dr. Michael Johnson

Office: J. Buckley Bryan, Jr., Regional Higher Education Center
SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury
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