SUNY Plattsburgh Student Teaching Handbook

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This edition of the Student Teaching Handbook has been designed to provide you with an overview of the student teaching process: from orientation to the classroom “solo weeks” teaching experience, to the college’s process of recommending qualified teacher candidates for NYS initial certification. This handbook should be viewed as a “work in progress” as the Office of Student Teaching continually revises the program based on research, recommendations from the field, feedback from teachers and principals, accreditation requirements, innovative instructional/supervisory techniques, changes in NYS education law, and changes in NYS teacher certification requirements.

The student teaching experience is intended to provide teacher candidates with opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, dispositions, and impact on student learning. Under the guidance and supervision of an experienced professional development educator (PDE) and college field supervisor (CFS), teacher candidates further develop and refine their skills in a real teaching situation within the guidelines established by SUNY Plattsburgh.

Your student teaching experience is designed to provide you with the following:

  • the culminating event of your preparation;
  • an opportunity to apply teaching/learning theories in practical situations;
  • an opportunity for additional “real” classroom experience;
  • an opportunity to participate in actual school situations for a full semester to refine your understanding of the many complexities of a teacher’s role;
  • a laboratory for the testing of ideas and for providing a model framework for teaching efficacy;
  • a time for personal self-assessment, reflection, and objective evaluation;
  • a time of transition from the role of teacher candidate to that of a professional in which you become responsible for the educational growth of the students;
  • the overall confidence and competence necessary to be successful as an effective novice teacher;
  • an opportunity to refine the essential knowledge, skills and dispositions you will need as an effective novice teacher; and
  • an opportunity to become familiar with Common Core State Standards & NYS Teaching Standards and their corresponding assessments.

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