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Selected Faculty Publications


Battigelli, Anna

  • Margaret Cavendish and the Exiles of the Mind. University Press of Kentucky, 1998.

Tracie Church Guzzio

  • All Stories Are True: History, Myth and Trauma in the Work of John Edgar Wideman. Jackson: University of Mississippi Press, 2011
  • The Twentieth-Century Encyclopedia of African American Literature. Associate editor (along with Loretta Woodward and Mel Donalson). Ed. Wilfred Samuels. New York, NY: Facts on File. 2007 (Multiple entries: including “August Wilson,” “Ralph Ellison,” “Harriet Jacobs,” “Ernest Gaines;” Angelina Weld Grimke;” “George Wolfe,” “Flight to Canada,” “Ishmael Reed,” “Jean Toomer,” “Charles Chesnutt,” “Albert French,” “Brothers and Keepers,” and numerous others)

Levitin, Alexis

  • Translated Guernica and Other Poems by Carlos de Oliviera. Guernica Editions, 2003.
  • Translated Forbidden Words: Selected Poetry of Eugenio de Andrade. New Directions, 2003.
  • Translated News from the Blockade and Other Poems by Egito Gonclaves. Guernica Editions, 2002.
  • Translated Dark Domain by Eugenio de Andrade. Guernica Editions, 2000.
  • Translated Another Name for Earth / O Outro Nome de Terra by Eugenio de Andrade. Q E D Press, 1997.
  • Translated The Bicycle and Other Poems by Alexandre O'Neill. Asylum Arts Publishing, 1995.
  • Translated Solar Matter: Materia Solar by Eugenio de Andrade. Q E D Press, 1995.

Morrissey, Thomas J.

  • Pinocchio Goes Postmodern: Perils of a Puppet in the United States. Routledge, 2003.

Ostry, Elaine

  • Utopian and Dystopian Writing for Children and Young Adults, essay collection co-edited with Dr. Carrie Hintz. NY: Routledge, 2003.
  • Social Dreaming: Dickens and the Fairy Tale. NY: Routledge, 2002.

Periodical articles

Mark Holden

  • A Shear Pin’s Nothing,” Bellevue Literary Review, 2010
  • Columbus Day,” New Millennium Writings, 2007.
  • The Unnecessary Cat,” Georgia Review, 2007.
  • Maybe Someone Should Call the Commodores,” North American Review, 2007.
  • The Vanishing Act.Traditional Bowhunter Magazine, 2007.
  • Go Ride the Train,” North American Review, 2005.
  • Red Queen,” Chattahoochee Review, 2005.

Ostry, Elaine

  • “Magical Growth and Moral Lessons; or, How the Conduct Book Informed Victorian and Edwardian Children’s Fantasy” The Lion and the Unicorn 27 (January 2003): 27-56.

Torres-Padilla, Jose

  • “When ‘I’ Became Ethnic: Ethnogenesis and Three Early Puerto Rican Diaspora Writers.” Centro: The Journal of the Center for Puerto Rican Studies. 14.2 (Fall 2002): 181-197.

Book chapters

Battigelli, Anna

  • “John Dryden’s Angry Readers.” In Books and Readers in Early Modern England. Ed. Jennifer Andersen and Elizabeth Sauer. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2002
  • “‘To Conclude Aright within Ourselves’: Narcissus Luttrell and the Burden of the Protestant Reader.” In The Reader Revealed. Ed. Sabrina Alcorn Baron. Washington, DC: Folger Shakespeare Library, 2001. 75–84

Tracie Church Guzzio

  • “Hearts of Darkness: Race and Romance in Jane Campion’s The Piano” in Reel Rebels. Edited by Oscar de Los Santos. NY: Fine Tooth Press, 2008. 51–62.
  • “Percival Everett” in American Writers. Ed. Jay Parini. Farmington Hills, MI.: Gale/Scribners, 2008.
  • “All My Father’s Texts:” John Edgar Wideman’s Historical Vision in Philadelphia Fire, The Cattle Killing, and Fatheralong.” In Critical Essays on John Edgar Wideman. Ed. Bonnie Tusmith and Keith Byerman. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press; 2006. 175–191.
  • “Courtside: Race and Basketball in the Work of John Edgar Wideman.” In In the Game: Race, Identity, and Sports in the Twentieth Century. Ed. Amy Bass. New York: Palgrave/ Macmillan, 2005. 221–237.
  • “Ngugi wa Thiongo” in World Writers, Ed. Jay Parini; Farmington, MI: Charles Scribner’s and Sons; 2004
  • “Ralph Ellison” in American Writers, Ed. Jay Parini; Charles Scribner’s and Sons; 2002 
  • “Ishmael Reed” in American Writers, Ed. Jay Parini; Charles Scribner’s and Sons; 2001
  • “Jean Toomer” in American Writers, Ed. Jay Parini; Charles Scribner’s and Sons; 2001

Kiefer, Lauren

  • “Selections from Confessio Amantis,” chap. 3 of Medieval Literature for Children, ed. Daniel Kline (New York: Routledge, 2003), 45–61.
  • “War Romanticized: The Evolution of the Chivalric Ideal,” in War and Its Uses: Conflict and Creativity, ed. Bruce A. Butterfield and Jurgen Kleist, Plattsburgh Studies in the Humanities 6 (New York: Peter Lang, 1999) 1–36.
  • “‘A Good War Spoiled,’ Part Two: Troy in the Late Middle Ages,” in The Spoils of War: The Bright and Bitter Fruits of Human Conflict, ed. Bruce A. Butterfield and Jurgen Kleist, Plattsburgh Studies in the Humanities 5 (New York: Peter Lang, 1997) 13–39.
  • “My Family First: Draft-Dodging Parents in the Confessio Amantis,” in Children and Family in the Middle Ages, Essays in Medieval Studies 12 (Chicago: Illinois Medieval Association, 1996) 55–68.

Ostry, Elaine

  • “Accepting Mudbloods: the Ambivalent Social Vision of J.K. Rowling’s Fairy Tales.” In Reading Harry Potter: Critical Essays. Ed. Giselle Anatol. Westport, CT: Praeger, 2003. 89–102.

Torres-Padilla, Jose

  • “Confronting the ‘Screaming Baboon’: Notes on Race, Literature and Pedagogy.” In Race and the College Classroom. Ed. Bonnie Tusmith and Maureen T. Reddy. Rutgers University Press, 2002. 213–225.


Torres-Padilla, Jose

  • “Legacy” (poem), Valparaiso Poetry Review, Fall/Winter 2004–2005.
  • “Hoops” (poem), Puerto del Sol vol. 39.1 (2004).
  • “Salchichon Soup” (story), Left Curve Magazine March, 2004.
  • “Making Tracks,” “Madre(Patria)” and “Blood” (poems), Blue Collar Review, Summer, 2003.
  • “Carimbo” (poem), Timbooktu Online Magazine.

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