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The SUNY Plattsburgh First-Year Composition Program

Teaching Thoughtful Use of a Powerful Tool

Our two-course requirement, consisting of ENG100 and ENG101, gives you access to the college and the marketplace because it teaches thoughtful use of a powerful tool: writing that makes an evidence-based argument. If you want to succeed in your major and your profession, you will need to understand the language specialists use—books, articles, blogs, memos, legal documents, purchase orders, and more—and how they use that language to get their work done. When certain types of work need to be done, there just isn’t always time to focus on that “how.”

That “how” is the focus of our small, faculty-taught classes where you will practice taking reasoned stances in formal and informal academic writing on focused topics, receiving both oral and written feedback on higher and lower order concerns so that you might improve.

The harder you work in our classes, the more you will engage in thoughtful use of the powerful tool of argument-based writing—and enjoy growing access to SUNY Plattsburgh and the world beyond. Welcome!

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If you would like more information about English programs at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact

Genie Babb, Chair

Associate Professor
Education: Ph.D. Brown University
Office: Champlain Valley Hall 203
Phone: (518) 564-5230
Email: gbabb001@plattsburgh.edu