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Minor in English

Our English Minor Allows You To

  • pursue areas of special interest to you,
  • develop close mentoring relationships with our faculty, and
  • take interesting courses that will fulfill your major or general education requirements.

English Minor (18 credits)

You can fulfill the extremely flexible 18-credit English minor with

  • up to 6 credits (2 classes) in any English course at the 100-level (except ENG 100 and ENG 101),
  • up to 6 credits (2 classes) in any English course at the 200-level, and
  • the remaining 6 to 18 credits (2 to 6 classes) in any English course at the 300- or 400-level.

By choosing your own courses at the appropriate level, you can pursue areas of special interest, develop close mentoring relationships with particular faculty members, and complete the minor with courses that also fulfill your General Education or major requirements.

The English department's emphasis on writing makes the English minor a useful complement to any academic major. The opportunity to read a variety of fiction, poetry, and drama makes the English minor

  • an enjoyable break for science and professional majors, and
  • a source of helpful information and background for liberal arts, fine arts, and education majors (especially students specializing in history, philosophy, art, music, theater, or foreign languages).

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For further information, please contact

Dr. Anna Battigelli
Co-ordinator of the English minor
Office: Champlain Valley Hall 217
Phone: (518) 564-2429
Email: [email protected]