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Student interns receive college credit for working with companies and governmental agencies in areas related to environmental science. These can be either paid positions or done on a volunteer basis. Real-world job skills are learned, and students gain valuable experience in their field of interest. Valuable contacts are often made which help students get jobs once they graduate. Environmental sience students have recently interned at the following companies, agencies and not-for-profit organizations:

Student Conservation Association Internships

Image of Student Conservation Association internThe Student Conservation Association (theSCA.org) is the nation’s leading provider of conservation and internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students in the U.S. Positions are available with the National Park Service, the Bureau of Land Management, State Park services, Fish and Wildlife agencies, non-profit conservation organizations, museums and cultural sites, and U.S. Military installations, among others. Students work on a full-time basis under the guidance of professional resource managers. Over 2,500 students annually are placed in expenses-paid positions year-round in all 50 states. Valuable contacts for future employment opportunities, acquisition of valuable skills as well as college credit can be gained through these internships. Fifty percent of SCA interns are offered full/part-time employment upon completion of their service. Internship opportunities are available from over sixty different disciplines, with a recent emphasis on students with GIS skills and hydrologic/geotechnical skills. Follow this link to the searchable internship position database.


SCA Image of GIS fire education projectSCA Internship Categories:

Air Quality/Weather monitoring, Archaeology/Anthropology, Backcountry, Biology, Ornithology, Botany, Youth camp counselor, Cave management, Computer, Entomology, Environmental Education, Fire/fuels management, prevention or lookout, Fisheries management, Forestry/Forest Science, Geographic Information Systems, Herpetological work, History, Horticulture/gardening, Hydrology, Interpretation of Area Resources for visitors, Maintenance work, Museum work, Paleontology, Public relations/developing materials, Recreation management, Ecological restoration/Revegetation, Riparian area management, Recreation/resource management along rivers, Field or laboratory work, supervising/coordinating youth or other volunteers, Surveying, Trail maintenance or construction, Visitor services and assistance, Water quality and management, Wildlife management, Photography.


Paid Environmental Policy Internships through SCA

The Student Conservation Association (SCA) is pleased to team with Unilever Corporation to make extraordinary paid internship opportunities available. These Conservation internships mix public policy (through a full-time position in a Congressional Office in Washington, DC) and environmental practice (in a National Park in the department and site that best fits the selected interns) for a one of a kind professional experience.

These positions are only being advertised at a few key colleges and universities nationwide and are open to all undergraduate majors. Applications must be received by October 1st.

More Information

To learn more about these opportunities visit: http://www.thesca.org/pdfs/sca_env_policy_internships.pdf

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The Student Conservation Association, Inc.
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Website: www.thesca.org

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