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Remote Sensing Laboratory/GIS Laboratory

The Remote Sensing/GIS Lab has been been producing a digital database of watersheds and wetlands in the Adirondack Park since 1991. Undergraduate students help with all specta of the research from delineating watersheds to remote sensing of wetlands to building the detailed Geographical Information System (GIS) databases. The lab is a focal point for research and teaching both remote sensing and GIS skills. SUNY Plattsburgh also supports a twenty station GIS computer lab.

The Remote Sensing Facility

Photo of Dr. Bogucki examining wetlands on stereoimages from the Adirondack Park The Remote Sensing Laboratory (RSL) contains a wide range of equipment including our own aerial camera system. The twin Hasselblad EL-500 cameras and custom-fabricated wing-mounted pod have been employed in several investigations where large-scale imagery of a local area was needed.

 Photo interpretation equipment includes zoom, mirror and dual stereoscopes, parallax bars, stereo-zoom transfer scope, digital planimeters, and anaglphic and SIA stereoplotters. In addition, the lab has a LICOR spectroradiometer (300-1100 mm) and a Datacolor image-enhancement system.

The lab's local-area network consists of six PC's. Four digitizing tablets, 9-track and 8mm tape drives, two printers, and both ink-jet and pen plotters. Geographic Information System (GIS) and digital image processing systems include Arc/Info and ArcGIS (for both PC and Windows NT), Erdas Imagine, and a Spectral Data Corporation Remote Image Processing System (RIPS).

Research Activity

The Remote Sensing Laboratory has been involved with local and regional research projects including landslide and other geological research, acid precipitation research, sea-lamprey control, and wetlands mapping and ecology.

Photo of Dr. Allen transfering information from aerial photos to topographic map Studying Wetland/Watershed Relations in the Adirondack Park

Since 1995, the lab has been working with the Adirondack Park Agency and the Adirondack Lake Survey Corporation on a U.S. EPA -funded project to study wetland/watershed relationships within the Adirondack Park. Our contribution to the project is creating a digital database of watersheds, wetlands, and upland habitats within the study area. This database is being compiled from topographic maps, color-infrared aerial photography, and Landsat TM digital satellite imagery.

The first stage of this project (funded by a $165,000 USEPA — grant), covering the Oswegatchie and Black River watersheds, was completed in 1997. Additional funding, totaling almost $500,000, extended the study for another 5 years and will examine the upper Hudson River and St. Lawrence, and Regis watersheds. The current phase of the project, the upper Hudson River watershed is scheduled for completion in 1998, with the St. Lawrence following in 2001.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The projects have given many of our undergraduate students the opportunity to make a significant contribution to an ongoing research project. The students who have been involved with the project to date include:

  • Katy Appleton
  • Lisa Loncar
  • Stephanie Baron
  • Cheryl McCormick
  • Mark Carrera
  • Georgiana Nugent
  • Craig Cheeseman
  • Andrew Price
  • Julie Crouse
  • Rebecca Shaffer
  • Matt Frank
  • Erika Swahn
  • Kelley Frennier
  • Michael Sundberg
  • Jennifer Hensinger
  • Valerie Taylor
  • Thom Litts
  • Kyriel Taylor

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

For more information about the SUNY Plattsburgh's Remote Sensing Laboratory please contact:

Dr. Donald Bogucki
Phone: (518) 564-4030
Email: [email protected]

Ms. Eileen Allen
Phone: (518) 564-4029
Email: [email protected]