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English Bridge Program Book List

ESL090, Writing

  • The Process of Paragraph Writing, 2nd edition, Joy Reid
  • Keys for Writers: A Brief Handbook, 3rd edition

ESL092, Grammar-Editing

  • Focus on Grammar: A High-Intermediate Course for Reference and Practice, Student Book A, 2nd edition, Marjorie Fuchs & Margaret Bonner

ESL094, Listening

  • Contemporary Topics 3 (Advanced), 2nd edition, David Beglar and Neil Murray
  • Impact Listening 3, Kenton Harsch and Kate Wolfe-Quintero

ESL096, Conversational English

  • Strategies in Speaking, Michael Rost
  • Well Said, 2nd edition, Linda Grant

ESL098, Reading

  • Developing Reading Skills, Intermediate 1, 2nd edition, L. Markstein & L. Hirasawa
  • Penguin Readers, Seven, Anthony Bruno
  • Strategies for Success: A Practical Guide to Learning English, H. Douglas Brown
  • Longman Advanced American Dictionary, paperback with CD-ROM

ESL102, Advanced Grammar-Edition

  • Understanding and Using English Grammar, 3rd edition, Betty Azar

ESL104, Advanced Listening

  • Learn to Listen, Listen to Learn: Academic Listening and Note-Taking 2nd edition, Roni Lebauer
  • Focus on American Culture, Elizabeth Henly

ESL106, Advanced Conversational English

  • Speech Communication Made Simple: A Multicultural Perspective, 2nd edition, Paulette Dale & James Wolf

ESL108, Advanced Reading

  • Bridging the Gap: College Reading, 7th edition, Brenda Smith
  • Longman Advanced American Dictionary, paperback with CD-ROM

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If you would like more information about the ESL Bridge Program, please contact:

Kym Taylor, ESL Program Coordinator/Lecturer
Office: Ward Hall 242
Phone: (518) 564-2262