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Progressing Through The ESL Bridge Program

Photo of an instructor teachin EnglishThe amount of time you will spend taking classes in the ESL Bridge Program depends on your current skill level with the English language. Students who start in any intermediate level course must earn a passing grade in that course and get the permission of the instructor before moving up to the advanced level of that course. All students meet with an academic advisor during the middle of each semester to plan their schedule of courses for the following semester. In most cases students move up after one semester but that decision is always made by our qualified instructors.

Once students have earned passing grades and/or instructor approval in the Advanced level of each of our five course areas, their academic advisor in the ESL Bridge Program will approve their successful completion of program requirements. Students can also test out of the EBP program at any time if they re-take the TOEFL and earn a score of 540 or better.

Once students complete the EBP program they can enroll in academic courses full-time. Degree-seeking students usually earn between 12–21 credits each semester toward their degree requirements.

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If you would like more information about the ESL Bridge Program, please contact:

Kym Taylor, ESL Program Coordinator/Lecturer
Office: Ward Hall 242
Phone: (518) 564-2262
Email: [email protected]