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First-Semester Schedule for Expeditionary Studies Majors

Jumping in with both feet

To get you out of the gate with a strong start, we've made year one in expeditionary studies (EXP) a true foundation year, with semester one a complete immersion experience.

You and every other first-semester EXP student will be taking a full semester schedule designed for you and your major. You’ll be enrolled in seventeen credit hours, composed of six EXP courses, one of which is a required general education course. A seventh course, “Introduction to Information and Technology Literacy,” is integrated with one of your EXP courses; this also fulfills a general education requirement. We’ll keep you busy climbing and paddling and hiking, with just the right amount of classroom time, as well.

An optimal schedule

The advantages of this immersion experience begin with the schedule. Instead of finding you a schedule that works for both EXP and non-EXP courses, we take away the non-EXP variable. In addition to regularly scheduled classes, this allows us to plan three different week-long off-campus trips, two on water and one on land, and schedule-dedicated “Activity Days” for focused attention to specific topics, such as backcountry cooking. We'll also take some supervised hikes with faculty or leadership students as part of your immersion schedule. 

By the time the semester is over, you will understand expeditionary studies and have enough experience to be able to plan your future in the program.

Easy registration

We make course registration easy by doing it for you. In early June, we build you a schedule from the courses specially reserved for new EXP students, and then register you in them. While your courses appear on Plattsburgh’s on-line “Master Schedule,” we’ll also send you your own “EXP Immersion Semester Schedule,” along with required clothing and equipment lists.

This is what your first EXP semester looks like:

Fall Semester
  • EXP 101 The History and Culture of The Expedition (3) (This also fills a general education requirement.)
  • EXP 121 Outdoor Living Skills (4 )
  • EXP 122 Introduction to Paddlesports (2)
  • EXP 180 Introduction to Rock Climbing (2)
  • EXP 252 Introduction to the Principles of Paddlesports Touring (2)
  • EXP 380 Rock Process (3)
  • LIB 105 Introduction to Information Technology & Literacy (1)(This also fills a general education requirement.)

Total Credit Hours: 17

This is a required first-semester schedule for all EXP students, but it is the only semester like it in the EXP curriculum. Starting with your next semester, you’ll balance EXP courses with other college requirements, possibly enroll in a minor in another subject area, or even choose to start a second major. There’s plenty of time for all of these options.

Contact Information

We invite you to learn more about expeditionary studies at SUNY Plattsburgh. Please feel free to contact the chair.

Jerry Isaak, Chair
Office: 102 Broad Street
Phone: (518) 564-5292
Email: jerry.isaak@plattsburgh.edu