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Why Study Modern Languages and Cultures?

“The boundaries of my language are the boundaries of my world.” — Ludwig Wittgenstein

Today, we are living in a world that is highly interconnected via commerce, travel, media and the Internet. Thus, we are more than ever exposed to other languages, biographies, customs, histories and cultures. If you want to understand world affairs and participate meaningfully in inter-cultural communication then you need not only to learn a foreign language but also its literature, culture and history.

The study of a foreign language, its literature and culture expands your cultural horizon, sharpens your linguistic skills, and offers you the excitement of inter-cultural communication. In addition, by learning another language, you will arrive at a deeper understanding of your very own culture.

Business, entertainment, media, tourism, education, politics, and many more areas demand cultural sophistication that includes foreign languages, inter-cultural communication skills and a well-rounded education in the humanities.

The study of a foreign language, its literature and culture helps you to obtain that sophistication.

Students who major in modern languages and cultures are genuinely interested in the humanities, in inter-cultural communication and understanding and most often have interest in economics, business, science, education, or the arts. Many want to study abroad or simply travel and see the world.

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For more information about the modern languages and cultures program at SUNY Plattsburgh please contact:

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