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What you can do with a degree in modern languages & cultures?

Proficiency in a foreign language can lead to careers in teaching at the primary and high school levels; and at the college level with further preparation. Further language degrees are required for positions in translation and interpretation. Knowledge of at least one foreign language is needed in some government positions.

International organizations favor multi-lingual candidates in their recruiting. Similarly, in an economy driven by forces of globalization, many businesses from the service (hotel, tourism, sales) to entertainment industries (films, radio, and sound production) prefer employees proficient in foreign languages.

Corporate offices with overseas accounts as well as not-for-profit non-governmental organizations often take into account foreign language proficiency in their hiring. Therefore foreign languages, notably in conjunction with another major or minor, will prove to be very useful to most graduates in their professional pursuits. Knowledge of a foreign language and culture can open the doors to an adventure-filled and rewarding life after college, both at home and abroad.

Pursue a Career Immediately or go on to Graduate School

Recent alumni of our program have gone on to pursue graduate studies in renowned universities, both nationally and internationally. Our alumni have received advanced degrees from University of Georgia, University of Tennessee, St. Michael’s College of Vermont, McGill University, etc. They and others have found satisfying careers in education, business, government, international relations, law enforcement, nursing, etc.

Many Plattsburgh alumni occupy K–12 teaching positions in French and/or Spanish across Clinton, Essex, Franklin counties, the Albany area, the New York Metropolitan area, and indeed across the Empire State. We are very proud of them and of all our graduates and are happy to count them as ambassadors.

Graduates have found teaching positions in language institutes, high schools and colleges, and have also embarked on other rewarding careers outside of education, across the United States, Canada, the European Union, South America, the Middle East, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Australia.

SUNY Plattsburgh Career Development Center

Our Career Development Center provides services, resources, and programs designed to help students and alumni to better understand the career development process, and to enhance their professional preparation and employability. Visit the Career Development Center at Kehoe 202 or call 564-2071 to explore professional opportunities, and lay plans for your career after SUNY Plattsburgh.

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