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Major in French

Our French Major Allows You To

  • Acquire high-level language skills and an in-depth understanding of French culture and society
  • Study abroad and truly immerse yourself in French language
  • Read Francophone and French texts from all periods
  • Develop your writing and research skills
  • Pursue a minor or a double major in other programs
  • Prepare for graduate studies in the field and a variety of careers including teaching, translating, government positions

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Science (B.S.) in French (120 credits)

The French major provides linguistic and cultural foundations oriented through two main branches: the B.A. track, where language courses are integrated with general liberal arts studies; and the B.S. in Education path, with specialization in foreign languages, which prepares students for careers as educators.

The French major program underpinning those core branches of study has the following components: all portions of the programs emphasize continued development of the student's language skills to an advanced level. Within that context, one group of courses introduces students to the art and technique of literary analysis, familiarizing them at the same time with the great literary figures and works associated with their language of study; and a second immerses students in cultural studies both historical and contemporary, geared to acquaint them with the rich intellectual and aesthetic traditions which the French language has generated at home, and overseas.

The objective of the French major program is the attainment of well-developed language skills, intercultural competence, knowledge of the arts and history created within French-speaking cultures, and the integration of this knowledge in the framework of the broader international scene. To advance these goals, study abroad is particularly encouraged.

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