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Geography Alumni, 1970–1979

John Bartozek, 1972

John holds the distinction of being the first SUNY Plattsburgh grad to receive a B.A. degree in geography. He served with distinction in the United States Air Force and was a training manager with Wyeth Pharmaceutical until his retirement.

Kevin Duffy, 1973

Kevin was the second recipient of a B.A. in Geography. Kevin passed away on December 27, 2001. His wife Cynthia reported: "He used his degree in geography as an inspiration to see the world and make use of its natural resources. He was a commercial fisherman in Alaska, a yacht captain in Florida, a pilot, a father and a husband."

Donald MacKellar, 1974

Donald enlisted in the U.S. Navy after graduation. His B.A. in Geography qualified him for Navy Officer Candidate School. He is currently employed as a civil service safety specialist at Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia Beach, VA.

David Murphy, 1975

After graduation David worked his way up the career ladder at McDonald's Corp (yes, Mickey D) and is currently Vice President and General Manager of McDonald's.

Robin Goodrich, 1975

Since graduation Robin has worked for the National Imagery and Mapping Agency of the Department of Defense as a cartographer in St. Louis, Missouri. Robin reports that: "In 25 year's of supporting the nation's warfighters and military I have seen the mapping business come a long way from manually produced manuscripts using scribe coats to produce maps and charts on paper stock-to digitally populated databases on CD's that can be downloaded into a PC and the information is then tailored to meet the individual customer's needs. But you know what? It all started on an old light table in Hawkins Hall working for the geography department."

Mike Fraysier, 1976

Mike is currently State Lands Director for the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation. This position culminates Mike's employment in the field of natural resource planning and management. Mike received a master's degree in geography and recreation from the University of Wyoming and work in Wyoming before moving back east. Mike says: "The education and training I received as a geography major at Plattsburgh was instrumental in further focusing my academic and professional interests and has provided a solid basis from which to build my career."

Jeffrey Trombley, 1976

Upon graduation from Plattsburgh Jeff entered the Graduate School of Planning at the University of Tennessee and in 1978 was employed as a transportation planner in Albany. In 1985 he completed a doctorate in civil engineering from the University of Tennessee. Since this time he has been employed in private consulting at Science Applications International Corporation and serves in an adjunct faculty position at the University of Tennessee Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Kenneth Barrows, 1977

Ken went to graduate school in Idaho and then took a job with the Defense Mapping Aerospace Center (now National Imagery and Mapping Agency) in St. Louis, MO. His combination of undergraduate and graduate degrees served him well as he moved from production positions to various management positions. In 2002 he was selected to represent NIMA and the U.S. Government as the geospatial representative to the Defense Imagery and Geospatial Organization in Bendigo, Australia. Ken states: "For the next three years I will be living a geographer's dream by experiencing first hand life in a great country in an incredible time in history for those of us who do Defense Department and Intelligence Community work; I can't tell you how exciting it is to have an opportunity like this."

James Mraz, 1978

James obtained a Master of Arts degree in geography and planning after graduating from Plattsburgh. He then entered the field of urban planning and for the past 14 years has been the director of planning for Fulton County, NY.

David DeFilippo, 1979

David is currently a professional licensed surveyor in Central Florida. David reports he has been involved with layout for a large number of construction projects, which include road construction, and buildings of all sorts from single-family houses to 26-story office buildings.

Mark Hellfritz, 1979

Mark is a supervisory geographer and coordinator for the Census Bureau in Denver.

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