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Geography Alumni, 1990–Present

Jonathan Lulu, 1992

After graduation Jonathan applied his geography training to business by working as a consultant to national retail chains, helping them determine new store locations and geographic market strategies. This led to a job in commercial real estate with an international investment firm where he evaluated real estate deals of $25 to $100 million each. Jonathan reports: "My geography education and my passion for economic and land-use geography not only enabled me to bring a unique skill to my employer, but also gave me the drive to excel." He furthered his education by receiving an M.B.A., which led to his current position working for an investment management firm where he develops new products and investment strategies focused on real estate finance.

Kevin McNamara, 1992

Kevin has recently accomplished a long-term goal of starting his own geographic information system consulting company. Kevin has attributed his successful business to his background in geography: "Without a doubt, this success can be attributed to my background in geography. The world is full of computer programmers, but very few of them have broad-based understanding, the ability to integrate disparate disciplines, that a geography major provides. Above and beyond any career benefits, study of geography has made me a more caring and aware citizen of our nation and planet."

Adam Deans, 1994

Adam is a global history and geography teacher in the Hyde Park Central School District and discusses on a daily basis how geography impacts humanity .He has created a course titled "Discovering the Importance of Geography or D.I.G." The class meets twice a week after school hours and the students have continued to attend on a voluntary basis. He is also a member of the Town of Poughkeepsie Historical Commission.

Janice Millea, 1994

Jan graduated in 1994 with a major publication under her belt. She produced the maps for Professor Zinser's book Outdoor Recreation: United States National Parks, Forests, and Public Lands. After graduating Jan continued working full-time as a teaching assistant at Peru Primary School so that her work hours would coincide with her children's school hours.

Peter Eichler, 1996

For six years Peter worked for the Forest Service in Arizona as a wilderness ranger in the Superstition Mountains. He has moved back to New York and has started work on a graduate degree that will build on his undergraduate work at SUNY Plattsburgh.

Chris Juneau, 1996

Chris has pursued a master's degree in geography at SUNY Albany.

Frederick Martens, 1998

Rick has worked in GIS for Rensselaer County, NY and is currently GIS manager in the Bureau of Information Services.

Marvin Mattingly, 1999

Marvin has worked as a computer specialist for the Thousand Islands State Park Region of the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.

Jennifer Gennosa, 2000

Jennifer writes: "Graduating with a geography major has enabled me to begin my career serving the environment. I have just successfully completed an internship at Mammoth Cave National Park. This opportunity would not have been available to me without the geography degree. From there I got a job with the NYS Parks Department working with endangered species. At my interview the supervisor said that my knowledge of GIS was of particular interest to him because they wanted to update their system at the park."

Bradley Robertson, 2000

Brad has worked for a large engineering firm doing GIS work in the Washington, DC area.

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