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Individual attention allows you to study your area of specialization in depth!

Due to the small size of the program and its classes, there is a lot of individual attention available to students. The flexibility of the following courses allows for this individual attention and an in depth study in the area in which a student chooses to specialize. The material for these courses is arranged between the student and the faculty, in order to permit the student to specialize in his/her own areas of interest. In one recent example, three students created a GIS system for Point AuRoche state park. In doing this, they together spent 15–20 hours per week with a professor, receiving guidance and attention with their work. The courses are:

Independent Study in Geography — GEG 499

In GEG 499 students design their own specialized area of independent study.

Cognate Requirement

The cognate requirement consists of an additional twelve (12) hours in a field of study worked out in consultation with the student's academic advisor. This requirement adds greater depth tailored to a student's interest within the field of geography. Some examples of courses of study that can be pursued for this requirement include: anthropology; environmental science; photography; geology; hotel, tourism and restaurant management; history; education; political science; economics; business, marketing; recreation; Canadian Studies, Latin American Studies; and the Adirondacks. Also, completion of any semester abroad or an academic minor will fulfill this requirement.

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