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Major in Geology Adolescence Education




Image of Kevin Probst, Earth Science M.S.T. student

Kevin Probst, a B.A./M.S.T. in Geology Education graduate leads an undergraduate laboratory in GEL 101 on a field trip to investigate limestone outcrops near Plattsburgh. Selected outstanding students in the B.A./M.S.T. program are given the opportunity to teach geology labs to give them more teaching experience prior to beginning their career.

Our Geology Adolescence Education Major Allows You To:

  • Attain certification in New York State as a high school earth science teacher

B.A./M.S.T. Geology Adolescence Education (150 cr.)

This combined B.A./M.S.T. program allows students to graduate in five years plus a summer with an undergraduate degree in geology (earth science) and a Masters of Science in Teaching. These students are more competitive in the job market as they have full professional certification and do not begin their career needing to complete a master's degree within five years after beginning their teaching career. Students begin their graduate studies during their senior year and are allowed to take up to 12 graduate credits at undergraduate tuition rates.

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