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About GSCM

Global Supply Chain Management is the coordination of all the players and activities that are involved in bringing a product to the end consumer of delivering a service to the end consumer, beginning from the raw materials. So, it includes an enormous number of activities, such as inventory control, quality control, procurement, marketing, customer relationship management, and many more. It also involves several companies that need to communicate and coordinate their efforts in order for these activities to be done efficiently and in response to customer wants and needs. To the business world, supply chain management is everything. Without the ability to coordinate all of these people and activities businesses will not be able to remain competitive in today's fierce and global business environment.

Our Global Supply Chain Management program studies ways to analyze and improve business processes throughout the supply chain so that an organization runs better (faster and using less costs while maintaining a specific degree of quality). Industry expects graduates from supply chain programs to have:

  • Good analytical skills
  • Good problem solving skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • The ability to think system wide

Therefore, the supply chain program is designed to do just that!

Our Program Prepares Students for GSCM Careers

The program at SUNY Plattsburgh is designed to prepare you for the exciting field of GSCM by offering a unique blend of multi-disciplinary coursework with a required industrial experience. Supply chain management majors will possess the ability to solve problems using analytical tools and to communicate those solutions to the decision maker.

You will understand the supply chain issues facing organizations and the role of supply chain management among other functional areas, preparing you for various inter-functional positions in firms of all sizes in all industries. You will be able to model realistic business problems using appropriate analytical tools and to apply advanced technology with real data to the real problems facing industry today. Since supply chain managers need good analytical, problem solving, and behavioral management skills to diagnose problems, improve current systems, and communicate and gather support for the required changes, you will enjoy courses that will give you both the theoretical and practical skills needed to be successful in this field. Finally, you will obtain skills to make the necessary decision for improvements and will understand how the integration of all functions across a business leads to improvements in quality, efficiency, and productivity; thus, making supply chain decisions that benefit the entire organization and lead to improved competitiveness.

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