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Combined Bachelor of Arts/Master of Science for Teachers

The combined B.A./M.S.T. program is designed for students who know from the start of their college career that they want to become social studies teachers. The program puts you on track to earn your bachelor’s in history and your master’s in education in five years, and graduates of the program are eligible to earn their initial certification and be qualified to teach. Designed to help you maximize your college experience, the program also helps you save money since you can pay undergraduate tuition rates for graduate courses during your eighth semester.

The program is structured so that, during your first three years, you will complete courses in history and related social science fields like sociology, psychology and geography. You'll also select a sub-specialty in one of these social science fields. During your second year, you have the opportunity to job-shadow for a semester and see what it is like to be in front of a classroom. During your fourth year, you begin taking graduate-level courses in the theory and practice of teaching leading, and complete the various requirements for New York State teacher certification.

Bachelor of Arts & Master of Science for Teachers (B.A./M.S.T.) Program (123-126 credits)

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