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Public Relations Major

Photos of PR students standing on the stairs in Angell College CenterThe field of public relations is one of the fastest growing industries in America, and SUNY Plattsburgh’s public relations program will groom you to become a competitive practitioner in an increasingly complex corporate communication environment. Many of our program’s graduates work for leading public relations and advertising agencies, major media organizations, prestigious private companies, respected public-sector agencies and ground-breaking non-profit institutions.

Our public relations major offers courses that provide you with a broad spectrum of knowledge and the practical skills to prepare you for an engaging professional career. You will learn about concepts of persuasion and communication strategies, relationship-building, public opinion research and analysis, project management and the latest techniques in social media. You also will master speaking in public and writing for a variety of audiences.

Internships and Fieldwork

Many of our students participate in supervised practical experiences in the local community, while others take on internships around the world at public relations agencies, media firms, sports and entertainment concerns, healthcare institutions, government and non-governmental organizations, and major corporations. Our interns have worked in New York City, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Miami, Barcelona, Madrid and Tokyo, among other locations.

Specialized Courses

The SUNY Plattsburgh public relations program offers specialized courses in public relations, journalism and communication. Hands-on will expose you to the real-world work of crafting public relations, advertising and research strategies for a wide range of community-based organizations and public agencies. There’s even a student-led public relations firm — Cardinal PR — where you can apply your accumulated skills and knowledge to develop and implement public relations campaigns for real clients. Cardinal PR recently has carried out campaigns for First Weekends in Plattsburgh and the Imaginarium Children’s Museum.

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