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Jewish Studies Course Descriptions

INT 101 — Introduction to Judaism (3 cr.)

Overview of Jewish history, calendar of holy days; theology; liturgy; sacred texts; Zionism, anti-Semitism; religious movements; women in Judaism; relationship with Christianity and Islam; contemporary issues. (Spring). Liberal arts.

ANT 337 — Israeli Culture and Society (3 cr.)

Cultural, social, and political development of modern Israel. Emphases on western ideological basis of Zionism and the Israeli political system, cultural diversity and conflict, internal social dynamics and regional political relations. Historical, religious, economic, and political factors as bases of contemporary Israeli culture and lifestyles. (Fall/Spring/Summer). Liberal arts.

HIS 369 — Topics: Exploring Jewish History (3 cr.)

Exploration of some of the aspects of Jewish history, seeking patterns, cultural values and specific historical settings that reveal how Jews have lived, by choice or coercion, within the context of other societies. Topics will vary in content and focus with each offering (e.g., "The Jew in the Western World," "Jews in the 20th Century," "The Holocaust," "Racism, Anti-Semitism and Western Values," "Zionisn, Israel and the Middle East," etc.). May be repeated once for credit with a different topic. Liberal Arts. (Spring). Prerequisite: INT101 or HIS121 or HIS122 or POI.

ART 354 — Jewish Art to 1600 (3 cr.)

Jewish art and architecture from its origins in ancient Palestine through c. 1600 in Europe. Analysis of style and content within the Judaic context as well as consideration of interaction with and function within contemporary Middle Eastern and European cultures. (Every Other Fall). Liberal arts. Prerequisite: ART137 or POI.

INT 438 — American Mass Media and the Jewish Experience (3 cr.)

An examination of the ways mass media in the United States have transformed Jewish life and culture. This course will also explore Jewish involvement in the mass media industries, focusing on many of the Jewish ethical themes that have become woven into both the fabric of modern media content and the moral criticism about the effects of mass media upon our culture and society. (Spring). Liberal Arts. Prerequisite: INT101

ENG 252 — The Bible (3 cr.)

The Bible introduces the student to the historical, literary, and philosophical contexts of this critical text of Western Civilization. A major goal of the class is to help students further appreciate western literature and history through an enriched knowledge of its biblical roots, inspirations, and allusions. (Spring & Fall). Liberal arts.

ANT 340 — Culture and Belief (3 cr.)

Anthropological approach to the meaning and function of religion in social life. The nature of thought or belief systems that give rise to the different forms of religious life. (Spring). Liberal arts. Prerequisite: ANT102.

PHI 320 — Philosophy of Religion (3 cr.)

Philosophical thinking about religion. Concepts and propositions of theology. Reasoning of theologians and philosophers. Religious experience and the activity of worship. Oriental as compared to Western religion. Religion and science. (Fall ). Liberal arts. Prerequisite: 3 philosophy credits or sophomore standing or POI.

SOC 313 — Sociology of Religion (3 cr.)

The course examines religion in social context: as systems of beliefs, symbols and rituals. Topics include theories of religious organization and behavior, types of religious groups, social definitions of the sacred and profane, and scientific versus religious bases of knowledge. (Spring, Fall). Liberal arts. Prerequisite: SOC101.

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