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Photo of two students on a boat measuring a live fish and recording the results

Lake Champlain Research Institute at SUNY Plattsburgh

Who We Are

The primary objective of the Lake Champlain Research Institute is to promote student research. Current research activities among affiliates include many topics in a variety of disciplines.

The Institute is actively involved in research in the Lake Champlain Basin.

What We Do

LCRI provides students a research experience as part of their career preparation. Undergraduate and graduate students conducting research with LCRI affiliates often present their findings at annual events on campus, such as the Sigma Xi student symposium, or at scientific meetings such as the Lake Champlain Research Consortium, Ecological Society of America, the Society for Freshwater Science and others.

LCRI involves qualified students as research assistants on funded projects. These are exciting opportunities for students to participate in LCRI activities using state-of-the-art equipment and serving as a springboard to successful careers.

LCRI reports and publications. Recent research projects, reports and publications. 

Final Report - Lake Champlain Bass study 2013

Revised Key to the Zooplankton of Lake Champlain 2013

Research paper- George A. Maynard, Timothy B. Mihuc, Rachel E. Schultz, V. Alex Sotola, Alejandro J. Reyes, Mark H. Malchoff and Danielle E. Garneau. Use of external Indicators to Evaluate Stress of Largemouth (Micropterus salmoides) and Smallmouth (M. dolomieu) Bass at Tournaments. The open fish journal, 2013 (6):78-86.

Research paper- Justin Ecret and Timothy B. Mihuc 2013. Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) Habitat Use and Dispersal Patterns in New York Adirondack Mountain Headwater Streams. Northeast Naturalist 20(1):19-36.

Research paper — Mihuc, T.B., F. Dunlap, C. Binggeli, L. Myers, C. Pershyn, A. Groves, A Waring. 2012. Long-term patterns in Lake Champlain’s Zooplankton: 1992-2010. Journal of Great Lakes Research. 38: 49-57

Research paper — L. W. Myers, B. C. Kondratieff, T. B. Mihuc and D. E. Ruiter. 2011. The Mayflies (Ephemeroptera), Stoneflies (Plecoptera), and Caddisflies (Trichoptera) of the Adirondack Park (New York State). Transactions of the American Entomological Society Volume 137, Numbers 1+2: 63-140.

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Undergraduate Research

Scientia Discipulorum e-Journal of Undergraduate Research

The Scientia Discipulorum is a journal of peer-reviewed research articles written by SUNY Plattsburgh undergraduate students who have completed an independent study or a research project at SUNY Plattsburgh.

The Lake Champlain Institute at SUNY Plattsburgh allows you to:

  • Work directly with active research faculty on many very exciting research topics (such as National Science Foundation, NOAA, and EPA funded projects.
  • Use some of the most advanced research facilities available to develop your career skills (facilities that are very hard to find at most 4-year schools).
  • Interact with other student researchers on campus in a variety of disciplines.
  • Have access to Lake Champlain research via our research vessels.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

If you would like more information about the Lake Champlain Research Institute, please contact

Dr. Timothy Mihuc, LCRI director 
Office: 207 Beaumont Hall
Phone: (518) 564-3039
Fax: (518) 564-5267
Email: [email protected]