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Have time between classes but you don't know where to go to study? Need a place to work on a group project? Can't study for that exam in your dorm room?

The Learning Center's close proximity to the Angell College Center and the Feinberg Library makes us an ideal place for students to gather to study. All of your academic needs - from stationery supplies to research - can be accessed with just a brief walk. And inside the Learning Center, tables and chairs have been set up to encourage individual and small group study.

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What is open study?

The Learning Center believes that learning does not happen only with a tutor or in a class. It is essential to attend and actively participate in all of your classes. And a tutor might help you understand a course concept or revise your essays. But, ultimately, learning happens through you and your efforts.

In order to support your learning efforts, the Leaning Center is open for your use as a study area throughout the semester. While open study hours change with each semester, if our doors are open, you are welcome to come in, settle yourself at a table, and work at your own pace through your course material. Small study groups are also welcome to use our area and the tables and chairs in the center.

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What does the Learning Center expect of me?

While we encourage your use of our Learning Center as a study space, we ask that you remember that the Learning Center is a shared study space.

During the day, the Learning Center, Academic Advising, and ESL professional staff work in their offices inside the Learning Center. Tutoring sessions also run from ten in the morning until nine at night. And, since open study is open to every student on campus, other students will be working in the Learning Center on their individual and group projects.

All we ask is that you use some common sense guidelines of respect:

  • Respect others and their need to work.  Talk softly and be mindful of those around you.
  • Respect the shared work space.   If you make a mess clean it up. If you move chairs, put them back where you found them.
  • Respect others' property.  The Learning Center, Academic Advising, and ESL offices enjoy sharing the Learning Center space with you, but we are not your one-stop office supply, textbook borrowing, telephone services, etc.  Nor should you expect your peers to offer you their supplies, textbooks, notes, etc.
  • Respect the rules.  Cell phones should be off or on silent. When making or receiving a cell phone call, please step outside the Learning Center.

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Do I need to make an appointment for Open Study?

To use the Learning Center for open study, you do not need to make an appointment.  Simply check out the Open Study Hours under Schedules.

And, at crunch time when you are studying for your final exam, we continue a Plattsburgh State University tradition. The Learning Center is open twenty-four/seven during finals week for both the fall and spring semester. Not only is our space open for student studying, the Learning Center, College Auxiliary Services, Chartwells, and the Student Association provide students with light refreshments (coffee, cocoa, and doughnuts). For more information watch for our flyers the first week of December and last week of April.

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