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Karin Killough

Director of Learning Center
Office: Feinberg Library 103
Phone: (518) 564-6138
Email: karin.killough@plattsburgh.edu


Kate Mulhollem

Assistant Director and Writing Specialist
Office: Feinberg Library 103
Phone: (518) 564-6138
Email: kmulh001@plattsburgh.edu 


Wendy Coons

Office Secretary
Office: Feinberg Library 103
Phone: (518) 564-6138
Email: coonswl@plattsburgh.edu 

Diane Jennette-Costin

Office Secretary
Office: Feinberg Library 103
Phone: (518) 564-6138
Email: jenn1630@plattsburgh.edu   


Student Staff

The Claude J. Clark Learning Center would not function without its large student staff. Check out our Tutor and Student Staff Directory!

We have over one hundred student tutors working with us every semester. Student tutors have already shown their academic success in the courses they tutor and by maintaining a 2.75 GPA or higher.  In addition, all tutors must complete either ENG 390 Training for Writing Tutors (3 credits) or TTR101 Tutor Training Seminar (1 credit). Both courses provide the necessary foundation in the theory and practice of tutoring and count towards College Reading and Learning Association certification.

While we would love to sing the praises of all of our wonderful tutors, there simply is not enough space. Each month our News & Events site gives kudos to the achievements of our tutors and shines the spotlight on one tutor.

Interested in Being a Student Tutor?

To find out more on what it's like to be a tutor stop by the Center and meet with Karin or Tom or check out our posted Information For Tutors .

Our efforts are also supported by seven work study students, who are our Desk Attendants. Their duties include monitoring the front desk; completing data entry into the BANNER system; answering telephone calls; assisting with bulletin board design and maintenance; and other clerical duties as designated by the Learning Center professional staff.

To find out more about the Desk Attendant position stop visit Information for Desk Attendants .

Our News & Events site also recognizes the achievements of our Desk Attendants.

Contact Information

Claude J. Clark Learning Center at SUNY Plattsburgh

Feinberg Library, Room 103 (First Floor)
101 Broad Street
Plattsburgh, New York 12901
Phone: (518) 564-6138
Fax: (518) 564-6140
Email: learningctr@plattsburgh.edu