Learning Center Staff


Learning Center Staff

Karin Killough, Director

In 1999, Karin was hired as the director of the Claude J. Clark Learning Center and in that time, has had the privilege of working with hundreds of outstanding SUNY Plattsburgh students - as Learning Center student employees or students seeking assistance through individualized academic support or by through the Learning to Learn Workshop series.

The Learning Center is a dynamic environment and the professional and student staff work very hard at creating a community that both supports and challenges.

Everybody needs help in something. So we asked our professional staff to include what courses they would be tutored in.

"The course that I struggled with the most was a required course in Electronics that I completed before I transferred to SUNY Plattsburgh. The subject matter was completely foreign to me then and it remains so to this day. One of the topics that we had to learn involved Ohm's Law; on the outside chance that you aren't familiar with Ohm's Law, here it is for your review: OHM'S LAW   V = I x R."


  • M.S. in Higher Education Administration, Syracuse University
  • B.S. in Mass Media Communication, SUNY Plattsburgh

Professional Organizations

  • New York College Learning Skills Association (NYCLSA)
  • National Association for Developmental Education (NADE)

Contact Karin Killough

Office: Feinberg Library 103
Phone: (518) 564-6138
Email: karin.killough@plattsburgh.edu