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How to Prepare for an Exam

Getting Started

Preparing for exams can be difficult for a variety of reasons.  These tips can help you be focus yourself (mentally and physically) while studying and during the exam.

  1. Be prepared. Pace your studying throughout the semester rather than waiting until the last minute.
  2. Get plenty of rest and eat healthy meals the days before your exam.
  3. Be positive. You studied thoroughly - you can do well on the exam.
  4. Think actively and logically.
  5. Read the directions carefully and follow them.
  6. Plan your test-taking time.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • How long is the test? How much time will I have to complete the test?
  • How many questions are there?
  • What is the point value of each question?
  • Do I need to split my time between multiple choice and essay answers?

Successful Test-Taking Strategies

  1. Answer the questions you know first.
  2. Answer the rest of the questions making sure the exam is complete before you turn it in.
  3. Reread your answers carefully.
  4. Learn from your incorrect answers.  If your exam is returned to you for you to keep, review your incorrect answers and study those concepts in more detail.

For More Information on Study Skills

The following sites can offer you assistance (in the privacy of your room) regarding how to manage your time between socializing and studying and how to better prepare yourself for classes and exams. 

  • www.academictips.org - This site offers tips on being a successful student, in and out of class.
  • www.howtostudy.org - This is a web site that provides resources for study skills as well as studying in the various discipline areas, i.e. how to study biology, how to study math, etc. I also added how to write resources in the various subject areas.
  • www.effectivestudy.org - This site offers study techniques that help students learn class material on their own at home. The site also provides reading, memorization, and test taking strategies.  

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