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Major in Management Information Systems (MIS)

What is MIS?

  • It is not computer science
  • It is the blend of hardware, software, data, people, and procedures
  • Using technology to manage organizations
  • Innovative use of information technology helps organizations gain strategic advantage in different functional areas

Why Study MIS?

  • Technology continues to grow as a fundamental component for doing business
  • Expertise in managing information systems is recognized as critical to ensuring business-value
  • The strategic importance of MIS to organizations makes your skills valuable
  • MIS graduates are in high demand and they command very competitive salaries
  • MIS jobs are difficult to outsource

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Management Information Systems (120 credits)

A sound understanding of how the latest information technology can solve business problems is in heavy demand in today's organizations. Our program trains you to become a business professional who can use computers and other technology to manage information within an organization and enable business success. You will also develop the skills necessary to design information systems that support all the functions and processes of business.

We will provide you with an understanding of fundamental management issues related to the use of information technology within organizations. You will also get a foundation in business skills and knowledge complemented by an in-depth study of information technology.

Management Information Systems Allows You To:

  • Study various computer technologies and learn to apply these technologies to solve business problems in profit and non-profit organizations
  • Analyze, design and develop computer systems, including web based systems
  • Learn to assess the information needs of a particular business
  • Become knowledgeable in gathering, organizing, analyzing, reporting and transmitting information
  • Study local area networks and telecommunication requirements of a company
  • Learn to use the Internet and intranets in inter-organizational and intra-organizational communications to optimize company profits

Program Requirements

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

If you would like more information about management and information systems at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact

Dr. Rohit Rampal, Chair
Office: Au Sable Hall, Room 204
Phone: (518) 564-3192
Email: [email protected]