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Major in Mathematics

Our Math Major Allows You To:

  • Prepare for a wide variety of careers including engineering, communications, finance, insurance, and technology.
  • Take upper level mathematics and related courses in the B.S. program to prepare for graduate school.
  • Pursue minors in other programs and double majors with our B.A. program.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Science (B.S.) in Mathematics

An instructor discusses equations with his classThe Department of Mathematics offers three major programs and one minor program. The major programs are the B.A. in Mathematics, the B.S. in Mathematics, and the M.S.T. and B.A./M.S.T in Mathematics Adolescence Education. These programs are designed for the variety of future goals and career plans of our students.

The B.A. in Mathematics is a very flexible degree designed to allow students selecting this option to prepare for a wide variety of careers. Recent graduates have gone on to positions with financial institutions; insurance companies; retirement systems; companies involved in engineering, communications, computers, and other technological endeavors; and various government agencies. The program requires students to succeed in coursework in core mathematics that serves as a foundation for work in virtually any area. The total credit-hour requirements are kept low (33 credits of required courses plus two mathematics electives), which enables the student to pursue a minor or even a second major, focusing the preparation for a particular career path and increasing marketability.

The B.S. in Mathematics is an in-depth study that allows students to receive recognition for taking significantly more upper-level mathematics and mathematics-related courses. It helps students prepare for further mathematical work, including graduate school in mathematics or related areas. In addition to the core mathematics required for the B.A., students in the B.S. take one additional required mathematics course and 6 additional upper-level elective courses with significant mathematical content.

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